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SetuSMS Receiver

Our product SetuSMS Receiver allows to receive SMS in your computer using GSM modem. You need one SIM card and SMS modem. As soon as anyone sends you SMS it will automatically save in one database. It will create text files from Database for each user and then message from each user will automatically stored in his text file with date and time of message received. You can then study text file for each user. It will help to save time in sorting of SMS in current storage of SMS in mobile phones. If you receive daily 100 SMS in your mobile then also it is difficult for you to sort/search any particular message but this application will make sure task very simple.

You can use this application with your own software product and allow SMS capability into the application. We bundle with Split SMS application to show you the advantages of this SMS Software. This software help you to record all incoming sms from each sender in each separate file. It will be easy to trace message when it receive in bulk quantity. Let us take one example. There is one marketing company called Sun Ltd. More than 100 field/onsite staff had to called in the office and informed each matter for daily routine work. In base administration office also 2 people had to attend their phone calls regularly and kept engaged into this work. This company also received orders from their 1000 customers on phone All field staff/customers has mobile without internet. There was no proof of communication at both ends. After using our solutions, now staff/customers can send SMS to update their regular task or orders and it store into his personal named directory in office pc. Now company has proof of Sender ID and text received in SMS with time stamp. Also no one require to attend phone calls and staff/customer can send SMS even there is network issue in some remote area for voice calls. SMS cost is lower than phone calls so company and its customer is saving money in communication because of SMS instead of making phone calls. Now company is planning to use our application is database into their ERP software application and get better performance. You can increase your productivity by using our SetuSMS Receiver.

To know more about this please visit www.setusms.com

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