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Softswitch & VOIP Billing


Hot features
DID / WEB / SMS / ANI / GSM modem.
Passive hangup / ontinous call / GRPS obile / DID without DTMF / artial call back / private DID call back /

register or top up with SMS*

Operation Details:-

Call back could got better call quality than normal VOIP call especially when network is not good. And call back could save much cost compared with normal pstn long distance call.

DID Callback
DID callback is the most convinent way to use callback service. To provide DID callback service you need to prepare a DID with multiple channels.

SetuBilling's DID callback service works in the following way:

Customer dial your DID callback access number with his telephone. He will hear ringback tone or music.

After he hangs up the call SetuBilling will call him back and ring his phone.

Customer answers the phone call and input destination phone number with DTMF

SetuBilling will call the destination phone number.

SetuBilling will link the two calls together.

Caller and Callee will be able to talk now.

GSM Modem Callback
GSM modem callback could be used as the alternative way if not easy to get local DID. It works the same way as DID callback. You need to prepare few GSM modems as the access point.

SMS Callback
SMS call back is not convinent. It could act as the optional choice to triger callback. Like GSM modem callback, you need to prepare few GSM modems in your local area as the access point.

For example, customer sends the following short message to your GSM modem

u.123 p.456 s.789 d.433

The sms will triger the callback service with account code 456 and password 433.

The phone number 789 will be called and ring first.

After phone 789 answered the call, phone number 433 will be called and ring.

phone number 433 answer the call.

phone number 789 and 433 will be able to talk now.

After the call finished, cost will be billed to account 123.

Web Callback
Customer could also trigger call back from web. After login from member entry, input his phone number and destination phone number and then click submit is ok.

Softphone Callback or API Callack

You could integrate SetuBilling callback trigger API into your PC softwares. Please check our sample API.

GPRS mobile phone Callback
This works with a kind of cheap mobile phone made in China. The mobile phone is a normal one with call back feature added. It is simple and easy to use. The only draw back is that the mobile phone needs to connect internet with GPRS

DID Callback without DTMF

Sounds strange but it are TRUE. SetuBilling calls it [Three points in one line].

With this creative idea customers need to map DID numbers to real callee phone number first. And then, if the customer A calls DID number aa, SetuBilling will know he want to call phone number B in fact. SetuBilling will call caller number and callee number and then bridge them togather.

Partial Calling card

This is the newest feature we added to SetuBilling. Although you see [calling card] characters there it is call back in fact. With this creative idea we could use normal or grey routes for call back Leg A. DTMF is not a problem any more.

To say simple, with this mode SetuBilling got the callee phone number but does not answer the call. The left thing is to call caller number and callee number and then bridge them togather.

Calling Cards
PABX : Peer to peer call act as traditional PABX
DID: DID sale / resale / bound to user account / call forward
VoiceBlast dialer : Telemarketing or any active mass outbound call
SMS sending : Send SMS from web / client app / web service
Call shop: Low cost call shop solution
VOIP IVR game: Play coin Head and Tail game with your VOIP phone
Skype calling card: Provide Skype Out similar service !
Referral Module
CallFREE- IP Tollfree Service

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