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Softswitch & VOIP Billing

Calling Cards

Hot features
ANI /Pinless Dialing
password verify
Balance announcement /
duration announcement /
speed dial / backspace

register or top up with SMS*

Operation Details:-

To provide calling card service with SetuBiling usually you need to prepare a access number. Customers need to dial that phone number before they could use your service.

DID with multiple channels is the most convenient way.
FXO devices (gateway or telephony board) are the alternative way if you could not got a local DID.

Calling card service works in the following steps:

Customer dials your access number.
The IVR will tell him to [Please input your account number followed by # key]. Input it with DTMF keypad please.
The IVR will tell him to [Please input your password followed by # key]. Input it with DTMF keypad please.
The IVR will tell him to [Please input the phone number followed by # key, or press 1 followed by # key to enter function].

Notes: If callerid registered to user account number, the above steps 2 and 3 will be skipped.

In the step 4 your customer could input phone number you want to call, or input 1# to enter function menu. If enter function menu he will hear the following IVR (default flow):

Press 1 to check balance,

press 2 to register,

press 3 to add credit,

press 4 for update password,

press 5 to unregister,

press 6 to transfer balance,

press 7 to back to upper menu

Calling Cards
PABX : Peer to peer call act as traditional PABX
DID: DID sale / resale / bound to user account / call forward
VoiceBlast dialer : Telemarketing or any active mass outbound call
SMS sending : Send SMS from web / client app / web service
Call shop: Low cost call shop solution
VOIP IVR game: Play coin Head and Tail game with your VOIP phone
Skype calling card: Provide Skype Out similar service !
Referral Module
CallFREE- IP Tollfree Service

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