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Softswitch & VOIP Billing


Passive hangup mode for callback triger
When you call SetuBilling callback access phone number, it will not hangup actively. That is to say, it will wait the caller hangup the call. It will callback immediately after caller hangup. The benefit of passive callback is that the caller will always not miss the (legA) call.
Call route control
You can assign different quality with different calling prefix. For example, prefix with 00 will go to silver route with normal rates. Without prefix00 will go to grey route with cheap rates. Second, could assign different routes for different resellers.
Minutes package
Subscribe a package will add 6000 minutes to your account (just an example). This means you can call all countries in the minutes package list for 30 days with at most 6000 minutes. When the 30 days are over, you will lost your credit.
DID call back without DTMF

Not all VOIP routes support DTMF. And those routes with (backward) DTMF supported usually much expensive than normal or grey ones. DTMF issue really big pain of normal DID call back.
SetuBilling's new feature [Three points in one line] and [partial calling card] have solved this issue. The following shows how [[Three points in one line]] work.

Caller1 ---> DID1 ---> Caller1's Callee1
Caller2 ---> DID1 ---> Callee2's Callee1
You can see by the above simple logic SetuBilling will be able to know callee phone number by caller and DID. So, DTMF is not needed any more.
As to [partial calling card], this way DTMF is needed but it is forward DTMF. Even worst VOIP grey routes support forward DTMF.
Just think it in a simple way:
1, You call DID number of SetuBilling
2, You hear ringback tone
3, Input callee phone number
That is OK!

Press DTMF to hangup Callee

If SetuBilling compiled with [continous call] option, no matter call back or calling card service could all continue to make next calls after callee hangup first. To avoid callee does not hangup first SetuBilling added this feature to allow caller press a special DTMF such as * or ## to hangup callee and continue to make a next call.
Register or TopUP account with SMS
For a new account, send the following sms to gsm modem will be able to bound callerid with this new account:
Account # Password
Account # Password # CallerID
For a already bounded callerid, send the following sms to gsm modem will be able to recharge his account balance with new account:
Account # Password # CallerID
Private DID call back
Not all of DID could guarantee to pass us correct callerid. To solve this issue, customer order a DID from SetuBilling and flag it as his [private DID call back access number]. If a call come to this DID, SetuBilling will know this is a call back request and it is trigered by this customer. Setubilling will then be able to process the legA of call back correctly.

Calling Cards
PABX : Peer to peer call act as traditional PABX
DID: DID sale / resale / bound to user account / call forward
VoiceBlast dialer : Telemarketing or any active mass outbound call
SMS sending : Send SMS from web / client app / web service
Call shop: Low cost call shop solution
VOIP IVR game: Play coin Head and Tail game with your VOIP phone
Skype calling card: Provide Skype Out similar service !
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