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SETU WIFI Adaptor - WS200

WS200 (2FXS)
The Setu WS200 (2FXS) is high performance Wireless Router + VoIP gateway that provides small and medium-size offices with faster wireless internet access and VoIP service. With a built-in IEEE 802.11b/g wireless AP/AC client, the WS200 offers maximum mobility via 54Mbps data transmissions.
The WS200 supports standard SIP (RFC3261), which is suitable for IP telephony service deployment to fulfill connection to emerging SIP-based networks. Based on the ITSP VoIP service, two/one SIP accounts can be configured.

Application mode:
Wireless LAN:
Complies with 802.11g and 802.11b (2.4GHz) Standards Data Rates up to 54Mbps
Support WEP, WPA data encryption to secure wireless connection
Support WPS PBC via Power ON
Both Support Wireless Access Point Mode and Wireless Client Mode
Modulation Technique:
802.11b: DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) with BPSK (1Mbps),
QPSK (2Mbps), and CCK (5.5 and 11Mbps)
802.11g: OFDM
Transfer data rate: 802.11g : 54, 48,36,24, 18,12,9,6Mbps, auto-fallback
802.11b: 11, 5.5, 2,1Mbps, auto-fallback
Output Power : 15~18dBm(CCK), 10~13dBm(OFDM)
RF sensitivity : @PER<0.08 ,11Mbps < -84dBm(typical ), @ PER<0.08, 54Mbps < -70dBm(typical)

Telephony Specification:

Voice Codec: iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec),G.711(A-law/?-law), G.729 AB,
G.723 (6.3 Kbps / 5.3Kbps), G.276 (16, 24, 32, 40 Kbps)
FAX support : T.38 FAX Relay,G.711 Fax pass-through
SIP Session Timer Support
P-Asserted-Identity header Support (Optional)
Call Waiting
Call Hold/Resume
Call Transfer: Blind Transfer / Attended Transfer
Call Forward: On Busy Forward / No Condition forward / No Answer Forward
Call Screen: Incoming Call Screen (Reject or Forward Incoming Call) / Outgoing Call Screen (Blocking Outgoing Call)
Multi-Line Appearance
DTMF Relay : In-band DTMF Relay / Out-of-band DTMF Relay (RFC2833)
3-Way Conference
Peer-to-Peer SIP Call by Dial Plan

IP Specifications:
SIP (RFC 3261) , SDP (RFC 2327), Symmetric RTP, STUN (RFC3489), ENUM (RFC 2916), RTP Payload for DTMF Digits (RFC2833), Outbound Proxy Support
WAN: PPPoE client, DHCP client, Fix IP Address
Network Address Translation: Providing build-in NAT router function.
Static Routing
Virtual Server
QoS : IP TOS (IP Precedence) / DiffServ
Peer to Peer Call by Dial Plan

Call Features:
Adjustable volume : - 9 db ~ 9 db
VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
Dynamic Jitter Buffer
CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
Lost Packet Concealment
Caller ID Generation: DTMF CID / Bellcore CID / ETSI CID / NTT CID Generation

Firewall Security:
Stateful Packet Inspection
DoS attack defection
Access Control Service
Content Filtering
IP & Generic Packet Filtering
Real-time Attack Alert and Logs
DMZ Interface for Public Server

Configuration & Management:
Web-based Graphical User Interface
Remote management over the IP Network
Web-based firmware upgrade
Backup and Restore Configuration file
Auto Provision by TFTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS (Optional)
SNMP v1/v2

General Specification:
AC power : AC100V-240V, DC12V/1.5A,50/60 Hz
Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (Operation)
Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing
Antenna : Reverse connector (RP-SMA) with a detachable
Emission: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark
Dimension : 170 x 100 x 35 mm
Weight: 200g

Q.How many clients can register with it at a given time?
A. 10 wireless users maximum.
Q.What is the minimum and maximum range of space?
A. WATA supports a range of up to 150 feet (46 m) indoors and 300 feet (92 m) outdoors. However, such brick walls and metal frames or siding greatly can reduce the range of a Wi-Fi LAN by 25% or more.
Q. Can it cover in feets? (vertical signal)
A. That will be yes. the antenna is designed for flat place,but vertical signal is also supprted.. it's around 3 meters in feets and the singal drops dramatically.
Q.Can this range be increased?
A. Replace the Wireless Router WiFi Antenna, Greater WiFi range can also be achieved with a high gain directional antenna. WATA support maximum up to 10 dbi antenna.

AC power: AC100V-240V, DC12V/0.5A,50/60 Hz
Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (Operation)
Humidity: up to 90% non-condensing
Emission: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark
RoHS Compliant
Dimension : 75 x 86 x 21 mm
Weight: 160g

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