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Quality IP Communication hardwares with valueable features, reasonable price and support.

Manage your operation user friendly, effectively, efficiently..

Voice Blast Facility for promotion of Products and Services

Integrating the Voice Blast API into customer database enabled their management company to schedule over 1,00,000 calls to customers mobiles in under 24 hrs. The Personalized message will be announced by system with selected duration.

If you want to develop a voice blast application to offer a similar service to marketing companies in your country then everything you require to design and run successful money making business is right here.
Think about your idea, design your website, use our call blast software and start selling and making money.

Call Back Buttons
Add a callme back button to your website, emails or banner advertising to maximise your potential sales and catch prospective customers who might not otherwise get in touch. By using this wherever browsers may feel more comfortable speaking to a real person, you can reduce the number of prospects that leave your site and vastly improve the quality of customer communications.

The Email Marketer
Call back buttons can be simply added to any email. Clients have successfully integrated the API to create email apps such as:

Voice cards, opt in campaigns, newsletters and customer service correspondence.

If you want to design anything from Voice cards to on line Birthday cards with a voice message all you require to create it is in API.

Think of your idea, design your site, integrate our API and start selling.

SetuBilling API service allows you to host and sell your own click-to-call solutions. We will provide you with the API and will support you throughout the initial set-up of the solution. You are then free to produce unlimited buttons and accounts as needed for all of your customers and set the click-to-call price they will pay. The SetuBilling API allows developers and marketers access to a fully hosted, fully featured tool kit of Click to Call functionality that they can integrate into any environment or platform. The web service has been designed to be built into your web site or intranet and easily manipulated to deliver the functionality you require.

Desktop Hot Buttons
We wanted our clients to be able to contact us at a moments notice with as little hassle as possible so we used the SetuBilling API and designed the Desk Top Hot Button.

This little button was simply dragged and dropped on to a clients computer desktop from an email. Any time a client wanted to call then they simply clicked on the button and a call was generated from their phone direct to the service provider.

If you want to design cool telephony based applications then everything you require to do so is here in the
Setu Billing.

Think of your idea, design your site, integrate our API and start selling.

Portal Service
Setu's portal service allows you to sell click-to-call products under your company name without the hassle of technical integration and support -- the service is hosted by and you effectively become a Setu reseller. For more information on becoming a reseller, please contact us.

Prospect Capture
The prospect capture service is a popup box designed to appear when potential customers browsing your site backspace or exit a web-based form, capturing leads which previously would have been missed. It offers another avenue of contact at the point when browsers are no longer willing to click or have completed only part of a session, e.g., aborted online purchase.

Virtual Assistant
Setu's virtual assistant is a popup box that will automatically appear after a set period of inactivity. This will help capture those leads that are better suited or simply prefer to complete their purchase over the phone, or that cannot find the information they are seeking online

Voice Card
SetuBilling can create a bespoke html voice card to add to your email signature. With every email you send you will provide the recipient direct access to you by telephone at the click of a button.

Yellow Pages Online
Click to Call is set to become a global industry. Nowhere can this be seen better than the integration of Call Back Buttons in ads on line directories.

A number of global on line directory companies have used the Setu API to integrate into their offering. This allows a browser anywhere in the world to click on an ad and ask for a call back at a time convenient to themselves.

All of the telephony functionality is handled by the Setu Global Switch array that ensures high quality wholesale telephony is delivered every time. All of the functionality required is within the Setu API, so that if you are looking to add Click to Call functionality to any of your web sites or applications you need look no further than SetuBilling

Think of your idea, design your site, integrate our API and start selling.

With the Setu API you can easily add a voice file to play during the telephone call. Think about this: One of our clients who runs one of the largest travel businesses in Europe notifies their call centre agents that the call that is being presented to them has been generated from a particular web page. This enables them to be prepared and thereby offer better customer service. Another of our clients uses the whisper to enable their web directory clients to advertise before a call starts and another uses whispers to enable advertisers to pay for the cost of the telephone call bringing the mass market high quality free telephone calls. Can you think of an idea which uses a whisper to make you money?

Advertising – Pay Per Call
We can allow customer to make free calls with condition of listening advertisements of few seconds or minutes. In this way service provider earns good revenue from advertisement instead of calling rates.

Affiliate Program
Are you person with the spirit of an entrepreneur? Have you been looking for a business opportunity? or Have you been looking for any home based incredible business opportunity? If you've ever considered putting your skills to use to earn extra income instead of forever handing out free advice (and time) to your less-than-savvy clients or friends....... CONGRATULATIONS!! You've just found the most incredible and affordable home based business opportunity around.


Sign up as an Independent Setu Infocom Consultant and in a matter of minutes you can literally own your business Stop sending your clients, friends, or family members down to the local computer super store. Now You can sell Setu products and services and get paid for your advice, information technology and time instead of giving it away for free.

Getting started is easy and affordable. You can expand your existing sales line or simply start a new one with this flexible and profitable turn-key system. You can sell what you know Just look at some of the benefits of becoming Setu Infocom Affiliate

Build a local or national technology based business. · Work on a part-time or full-time basis.Set your own schedule and priorities. · Get paid helping clients, neighbors or friends make the best technology choices available. · You can earn more than $5,000 or 2,00,000 per month.

You can open up your own INFOCOM(Information + Communications) business and offer the entire line of Setu products and services available all for low cost communications.

In addition to all of this there is a complete back office with a full set of marketing materials and training to help you achieve your goals. We'll also be around to help you in any way we can.

This is not a scam or some make money quick program!!! This is a legitimate home business opportunity for computer savvy individuals to use their knowledge and to earn extra income. If you've ever thought it would be great to make some money off of all the recommendations you give, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this fabulous entrepreneurial business opportunity. For more information about this fabulous business opportunity, please mail us.

Please get affiliate account and see the features and opportunity.

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