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Softswitch & VOIP Billing
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Softswitch & VOIP Billing

Referral Module

System adds balance to account if you refer people to service provider website.

When customer tells their friends or service provider web site visitors about xys.com, they will use the following link:

http://www.xyz.com/en/?ref=[your account number]


Once the user clicks on this link and subsequently opens a service provider account, you become his referrer. User cannot change who his referrer is once he creates his or her account. You can be a referrer to as many members as you wish. You will see the number of people you referred inside your account.

You, as a referrer, will receive fix % of online payment that is generated from that user when he add balance to his account. These payments will be automatically made to your account.

You must post your referrer link on any online page (web site, blog, forum, email account, etc). Direct referral links entered in a browser will not work.

You can not refer myself. No self-referring is allowed. Referral bonuses will not be paid in case the person refers himself or herself.

Calling Cards
PABX : Peer to peer call act as traditional PABX
DID: DID sale / resale / bound to user account / call forward
VoiceBlast dialer : Telemarketing or any active mass outbound call
SMS sending : Send SMS from web / client app / web service
Call shop: Low cost call shop solution
VOIP IVR game: Play coin Head and Tail game with your VOIP phone
Skype calling card: Provide Skype Out similar service !
Referral Module
CallFREE- IP Tollfree Service
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