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Roaming Router/Mobile GSM/SMS Gateways

SETU Mobile/SMS Gateway

This product can be used for multipurpose applications for Voice Over IP and SMS over IP. This Gateway enables direct routing between IP and GSM network without the use of a FXO port or the PSTN network. With this device, the usage of VoIP is greatly enhanced with significant savings on long distance and roaming charges. It can be use for SMS origination and termination also. This product make your International Roaming charges @ local call rate and save your 90% roaming communication cost. It can use for Mobile calls and SMS termination and origination where it is allowed by regulation of that country.

Case Study 1:-
There were few employee of SUN LTD. Company in USA who travelled abroad countries like China, India Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Canada with activation of International roaming on their mobile. Company paid $1 to $2 per minute charges on incoming calls in international roaming during employee travelling. It also was charged $2 to $3 per minute charges for making outgoing international calls from home country sim during international travelling. Using our solution, now company employee insert home country sim card into our Roaming Router and make call forward to International travel country local SIM no. Now anyone call to employee mobile no then roaming router automatically make call forward to travelled country SIM no. using VOIP network and it will cost them now 1-2 cents instead of $1-2. Employee can also make International Outgoing calls from using local sim card using direct mobile without internet in just 2-3 cents Company saves monthly thousands of $ on International roaming phone bills of employee. Please notice that how much percentage of saving in above case study.

Case Study 2:-
Indian company paid 8 to 10 cents per SMS for sending Canada. Company has installed this hardware in Canada branch office and now company send SMS from India to Canada at local cost of 2-3 cents only. Company save 200-300% cost in sending International SMS.

Case Study 3 :-
Cybercafe owner in South Africa offer local calling card service using FXO PSTN based hardware. They face problem for disconnection of calls. Using this hardware now they offer calling card service without any technical issue. Also their customer doesn’t require to dial cardno. It detect directly from CallerID and authorized customer to make calls without internet using his mobile phones.

Case Study 4 :- Recently Indian government has blocked bulk SMS traffic for few days to stop rumors in citizens in critical time. This has been effected many corporate, bank and travel industry as they can’t send SMS from their system about the latest update. One company has installed this hardware and inserted 4 local sim cards and connected their existing IP network and software system. Company was able to send SMS on regular basis like bulk sms to their customer without changing any parameters. Company has sent thousands of SMS from their system during these days using this hardware.

Protocol Specification
TCP/IP V4 (IP V6 auto adapt)
ITU-T H.323 V4 Standard
H.2250 V4 Standard
H.245 V7 Standard
H.235 Standard(MD5,HMAC-SHA1)
ITU-T G.711 alaw/ulaw, G.729A, G.729AB, and G.723.1 Voice Codec
RFC1889 Real Time Data Transmission
Proprietary Firewall-Pass-Through Technology
SIP V2.0 Standard
Simple Traversal of UDP over NAT (STUN)
Web-base Management
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
PPP Authentication Protocol (PAP)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
TFTP Client
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Domain Name System (DNS)
User account authentication using MD5
Out-band DTMF Relay: RFC 2833 and SIP Info

Hardware Specification
ARM9E Processor
DSP for voice codec and voice processing
Two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports with full compliant with IEEE 802.3
LEDs for Ethernet port status
Four GSM Channels’ Connection

Software Specification
Built-in HTTP Web Server
PPPoE Dial-up
NAT Broadband Router Functions
DHCP Client
DHCP Server
Firmware On-line upgrade
PSTN Caller ID transmit
Multiple Language Support
Supported call divert
Supported PSTN auto call out to PSTN
Supported Multi_devices Cooperate Mode(Group Mode)
Supported SMS call out

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