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The design and functionality of SetuSMS is simple and secured. Your message will be personal, faster and cost efficient. You can send bulk SMS without internet. You will get confirmation of SMS delivery on your pc instantly. Your recipient data will be 100% secured. You don’t require to send your recipient database to third party server like internet SMS so there will be no misuse of your database. You can send bulk SMS to all numbers having in your text file from your pc. You can generate mobile numbers database using our application for marketing purpose. Your recipient will get your mobile number as sender rather than any kind of website address or advertisement. So recipient will feel like a personal message. You can pause operation of sending bulk sms and reset it any time. There is no installation require for SetuSMS software.

You require only pc having USB/Serial port, compatible modem, active SIM card and mobile network. You can use any GSM modem. Here we are guiding you for the installation of two kind of compatible modems.

Type 1 – Wavecom
Type 2 – P300U

Please click here to download SetuSMS application.

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