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Telephone USB Recorder US 300

SU300 stores recording information based on hard disk of computer, detailed telephone operating information can be recorded, such as talking contents, line live status, start talking time, inbound or outbound call no., talking duration, etc. With 200GB HDD the recording length can be up to 14, 000 hours

Product Feature
Records all inbound & outbound call details
Real-time monitor while talking
Live Line status display
Telephone status display
Record start, end time and talking duration
Playback recorded voice files
Contact directory management
Comprehensive search conditions for querying database
Incoming voicemail
Remote voicemail retrieval
Provide polarity reversal/timing for startup recording
Security, Voicemail, Live Monitor, E-mail Reminder availability

Telephony Recording - A must-have for your business!
Many people misunderstand that a telephony recording system is a telephone tapping machine and put negative images on it. In fact, telephone recording is a method for improving service quality and for training purpose. By this mechanism of training, you may increase the conversation techniques between your customer representatives and customers. Therefore, it is a great tool for wining more of your customer satisfactions.

Target User
Telephone Shopping Transaction
Real Estate Liaison
Customer Service Center
Banking & Financial Transactions
Private Enterprise
Credit Reference Agency
SOHO Family Studio
Security Employee Direct Line
Call Center Solution
Call Shop Billing
Family User for Harassment Collection
Commercial Transaction

One USB port connect to PC
One RJ11 Line port connect to C.O./PSTN Line
One RJ11 Phone port connect to Telephone set

Product Specification/Models
Caller ID Spec: DTMF/Bellcore/ETSI FSK
Recording Trigger Condition: On hook/Off hook/Recording by timer
Voice Playback: Play based on PC or on Fonkorder 1
Power Adaptor Requirement: Powered by USB Cable
Power Consumption: 5W
Dimension: 138(L) x 106(W) x 26(D) (mm)
Weight: 223g

System Requirements
Pentium 400MHz CPU or above
Windows 98se/XP/2000/NT OS
10MB HDD Space or above
128 MB RAM
Standard USB Port
Standard RJ11 Port

Packing Contents
Fonkorder 1 hardware device
Driver CD
USB cable
RJ11 Cord
Main Unit Stand
User's Manual

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