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Softswitch & VOIP Billing

Setu VoiceBlast

Our own developed product-Setu VoiceBlast allow to make live voice call to hundred of users with single click without any telephone lines using our FREE software size of just 700KB. It will help to save time and remove communication gap between people. It can help to save life, money, time and relationship.

The design and functionality of Setu VoiceBlast is simple and secured. The interface of Setu VoiceBlast includes a variety of options. It allows you to create a new list of phone numbers using phone number generator. You can save this list on your hard disk. You can open the existing list once you created. You can even stop calls and reset calls.

Our high-volume, automated voice blast service delivers prerecorded voice blast messages to any size list of phone numbers, enabling users to communicate personally and effectively with many individuals at once. Create your voice blast message record a .WAV file using a PC microphone and speakers - then delivers it to us. No matter which method you choose, Voice Blast messaging is as personal yet faster and more cost efficient than leaving the same message over and over again.

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive calling
Convey urgency and emotion
Cost effectively reach large audiences
Get fast results
Guaranteed Delivered report online with instant update


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Calling Cards
PABX : Peer to peer call act as traditional PABX
DID: DID sale / resale / bound to user account / call forward
VoiceBlast dialer : Telemarketing or any active mass outbound call
SMS sending : Send SMS from web / client app / web service
Call shop: Low cost call shop solution
VOIP IVR game: Play coin Head and Tail game with your VOIP phone
Skype calling card: Provide Skype Out similar service !
Referral Module
CallFREE- IP Tollfree Service

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